Trail-O section of the Czech Orienteering Federation

Date Competition Type Club
1.3.2023 Český PRE-O Pohár 2023 TRAIL CSOS
4.3.2023 Mrazivé TempO TRAIL FSP
4.3.2023 Mrazivé Tempo II TRAIL FSP
11.3.2023 TempO Pardubice TRAIL SRK
11.3.2023 PreO 1 Pardubice TRAIL SRK
12.3.2023 PreO 2 Pardubice TRAIL SRK
30.6.2023 MČR PreO TRAIL OAV
1.7.2023 MČR TempO TRAIL OAV
1.7.2023 Public Races World Trail Orienteering Championships TRAIL MFP
4.7.2023 WTOC - Public race Classic course (PreO) TRAIL MFP
6.7.2023 WTOC - Public race TempO TRAIL MFP
16.9.2023 Memoriál Petry Severynové PreO TRAIL OAV
17.9.2023 Memoriál Petry Severynové TempO TRAIL OAV
11.11.2023 Mladoboleslavský trailový podzim - TempO TRAIL FSP
11.11.2023 Mladoboleslavský trailový podzim - PreO TRAIL FSP